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  • Can I do a consultation during daytime hours?
    Yes, consultations are usually done during the day since the evening is when actual sessions occur. I can be flexible with you on the timing of your consultation. Just let me know what is on your mind.
  • What age group do you cover?
    I work with teens and families that have teens between the ages of 13-18 which special cases being considered for families with an 18-20 year old.
  • I usually am able to handle problems concerning my family alone. Does it make me weak to be interested in pursuing a Life Coach?
    It makes you responsible and brave for being able to identify that your family is in need of help and being willing to go outside of your comfort zone to get that help.
  • When do you normally conduct sessions?
    Hours of availability: every other Wednesday 8:30am-5pm Thursday -Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm
  • Do I have confidentiality?
    Yes, coaching is 100% confidential with Coach Draper . Sessions together being confidential is a huge part of what is necessary when working with any professional such as a Life Coach. There is nothing that you say in a session that will be share with another person. Your openness with Coach Draper will be honored with the upmost respect of your family’s privacy. The only rare exceptions of this is if your coach is ordered by a court of law to disclose information or if any client or family member is intending to harm themselves or someone else. In those cases, your Coach is obligated to notify the proper authority for your safety.
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