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Meet The Owner

My name is Damion Draper, and I am a 37-year-old father of a 18-year-old  high school senior. I was brought up primarily in a low-income neighborhood of Lubbock Texas, alongside my 4 younger siblings. At 6 months old, I lost My father to street violence and became all too familiar to the hardships of growing up without a father. Fast forward some years, to my first day of college, and my mother loses her battle to cancer. After losing my mother, I knew I had to do more to cope with the hardships I had endured. I applied to Lubbock Christian University where I held a 3.5 GPA throughout the three years I attended. After working diligently and channeling all my strength, I was able to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, in 2013.

Shortly after graduation, I applied to be a case manager at Starcare Specialty Health System, which is the local mental health entity of Lubbock county. I was offered and accepted a case management job for children and adolescents where I worked for three years. While being a case manager, I was also trained and certified in WRAP around services, meaning intense case management to individuals who are most at risk. After a few years, I was offered a position to complete clinical assessments for individuals in mental health crisis within the same company.

For this position I provide crisis assessments intervention, ANSA and CANS assessments, as well as provide appropriate recommendations for hospitalization, working with the community, law enforcement, and other agencies within a five-county catchment. I provide follow up services and complete magistrate warrants when needed. Currently I have completed over 1,000 assessments for children and adults in mental health crisis.

Like many others I had to cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Navigating through such an unknown pandemic, helping others experiencing crisis, as well as remaining focused on my own goals, I was able to acquire a master’s degree in Public Administration, specializing in conflict resolution on June 4 th , 2020.


Currently I have ventured into entrepreneurship. With my 10 years’ experience of working in mental health, I have gained knowledge, resources and empathy paired with my capability to remain positive and optimistic; I have now found my niche. I aim to reduce the number of children and young adults being hospitalized or even incarcerated, due to lack of resources. As a life coach, I intend to help clients make progress in their lives to attain greater fulfillment. I will aid my clients in improving their relationships, communication skills, behavior, and day-to-day lives.


I aim to aid my clients in clarifying their goals, identifying the obstacles holding them back, and learning strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, we will target their unique skills and help them to make the most of their strengths.
Ultimately, I will provide the support clients need to achieve long-lasting change and


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